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Passionate and Professional; Here's why: 

Hello My name is MJay.

I started M Jay Business Growth Solutions LLC to help solo professionals and small business owners with the administrative pieces of their businesses.

I specialize in diamond awarded customer service relations, website development and marketing research. I use a combination of skills learned from serving in the United States Navy and 10+ years servicing the New York City healthcare industry.

When solo professionals and small business owners become overwhelmed with day to day operations, I step in to set up systems that free up their time from administrative task. I also help cultivate business ideas and keep their social media platforms up to date with engagement requirements while researching market trends.


I’ve also worked with hairstylist, makeup artist, personals chefs and other solo professionals who have turned their side hustle into thriving businesses; Including production management and executive level assisting onset of a filmed web series!


When it comes to your business I understand your time is your money and your business is your baby, consider me the “Small Business Nanny.”

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